We are happy to cooperate with Zodiac ltd. We thank their managers for attention, businesslike approach and qualitative service while working with our chain of shops for children “Antoshka”. I would like to make special mention of the manager who manages our branch office for finding prompt solutions to all tasks that arise in the process of collaboration.

It is not always easy to choose the right supplier of children’s toys in competitive market, to find the one who can promptly react to customer’s requests, solve all given problems quickly and professionally.

Zodiac Company proved itself to be a trusted and honest partner.

Michail Savchenko
Senior Retail Manager
Network of children’s shops “Antoshka”

We have been glad to cooperate with Zodiac ltd for several years already. During this time the company has established a reputation as a trusted partner.

The company staff are experienced and knowledgeable professionals that meet the challenges as best as they can. Children’s toys that we receive from them totally satisfy the needs and wishes of our buyers. We would like to make special mention of human qualities and flexibility of the managers that make our collaboration most successful.

Victoria Vasilievna
Central Department Store of Kiev

During the time of our cooperation Zodiac Company has revealed itself as a professional, honest, flexible partner, customer-oriented, trying to meet all customer’s needs.
We surely made the right choice when we started working with Zodiac Company. We want to thank the staff for qualitative job, for offering the excellent range of children’s toys. We wish you success and hope to further cooperate with you.

Vitaliy Maslenikov
Leading Manager of children’s area
Trading House “Rost”

I would like to thank the guys for their working attitude, goodwill and professional qualities. I am really glad to work with Zodiac ltd. I like their service, timing of orders and high quality of the supplied goods.
I hope to further cooperate with this company and its managers. I want to point out that we have never had any disagreements. I would like to thank personally to manager Roman Kondratuk with whom I have been working for a long time. Thank him so much for the patience and professionalism.

Olga Globuzova
Deputy Director
Children’s shop “Cheburashka”

The successful collaboration with this company gives us the right to recommend Zodiac ltd as a trusted business partner. Efficient and accurate fulfillment of its obligations, continuous stocking, responsiveness and individual approach to every client are characteristic of Zodiac ltd.

Cooperating with Zodiac Company we are always well-supplied with excellent range of children’s toys, and owing to this we can pay more attention to work with our buyers.

Marina Poluyan
Goods Manager
Children’s Shopping and Entertainment Centre “Plastilin”